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Barry has been the sound designer for Milwaukee Repertory Theater's productions of A Christmas Carol

since 1998.  Over the years the show has undergone numerous changes.  In 2016 a new script was commissioned, written, and directed by Milwaukee Rep's artistc director, Mark Clements.  The show was completely redesigned, including an all new score by John Tanner.

Since ACC (as the company has nicknamed it) is a production remounted every November, the documentation of the sound installation, focus, and tuning is quite rigorous.  Below is some of the documentation of the original 2016 production, compiled by Barry and his assistant designer, Michael J. Patrick.  Various cueing and technological changes have been made in the ensuing years, but this represents the "bones" of the system,

as it has been installed in subsequent seasons.

All drawings and documentation © Copyright 2016-2021 Barry G. Funderburg. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: Michael J. Patrick

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